Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giants: More injuries

The hits just keep on comin'. Michael Coe was a backup to a backup in training camp and would not have made the team but for injuries to 3 or 4 other DBs ahead of him on the depth chart. He did have speed but no cover skills or much game experience. But he was coached up well by DB coach Peter Giunta during the year and was actually improving his technique. You may recall he defended a few passes nicely in the Patriots game, including one slant right at the goal line intended for Chand Ochocinco. He was also a decent ST player. Of course, the other night he tore up his shoulder, requried surgery and is done for the year.

Will Beatty who has had a decent but not a spectacular year at LT had some back problems which held him out of practice last week, but did not miss any game time. However, now has been found to have a detached retina and needed emergency surgery. The emergency part is not unusual for detached retinas - if you delay, it can result in partial or total loss of vision. The question is - what is the recovery time and how long will he be out. My understanding is that it depends greatly on how severe the tear was and exactly what surgery was required to be performed. The recovery time could be as short as 2 weeks, but as long as 6-8.

In the short term, Giants have two apparent choices - they could slide Diehl back out from G to LT and move Boothe in at LG. Boothe has been a solid backup this year in the interior line and that is a reasonable thing to do, especially because the transition for Diehl back to G has not been great; he has not been having a great year. An alternative would be to leave Diehl at G and slide Stacey Andrews in at LT. Andrews has not really impressed me and I am not sure the Giants should do this. Diehl gets a bonus if he plays LT, but I am sure the Giants would make a decision on what is best for the team and not on the basis of avoiding bonus payment.

Decision may depend on what the estimate is for Beatty to be out. If he is gone for the season, they may move Diehl out to LT. But if he will be out only 2 weeks, Giants may decide that continuity is best and they should leave Diehl in at his G position so there are fewer changes to be made. Of course, if Andrews can't handle the LT assignment at all, they should move Diehl out there regardless of Beatty expected return. Boothe is not a natural LT, so they can't move him out there. Andrews took a few snaps in the Eagles game for MacKenzie at RT and on his first play he allowed a sack. He has played as an extra TE without great distinction this year.

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