Monday, August 20, 2012

Jets game review part I

By now you've read all the comments and the simple straightforward analysis of the Giants - Jets game, so here goes with some of the other stuff you may not have caught about the game.
OL looked poor - everyone agrees with that. Giants running game was poor and Eli got pressured once or twice. But that doesn't really tell the whole story and, while I of course would've liked to have seen a better running game, I think there are some factors that should mitigate our concern. First, the Jets 3-4 is a difficult scheme to run against. They played very aggressively and had LBs and DBs coming hard and crowding the middle. That's not an excuse, it's just that in a preseason game, when your offense doesn't watch film and doesn't game plan at all for what the opposing defense will do, it's not surprising that the OL had some trouble. Even with that excuse, I'd like to see better OL play and better running game. Baas was OK in the middle, but Boothe got beat a few times at his LG position. Locklear was a good pickup as backup LT.
The NFL better get the real referees back on the field. This is the second week in a row where a sure TD pass for the Giants was broken up by a DB who blatantly and egregiously held the arms of the WR as he was trying to make a play on the ball. This time it was Kyle WIlson on Cruz. Cruz had him beat and Eli lobbed up a soft one for Cruz to make a play on. Wilson grabbed both Cruz' arms so he couldn't catch the ball. Earlier in the evening, Jets CB Cromartie got away with a hold on Barden, but it was just for a first down, not a TD.
Hosely looks like a perfect fit for this Giants defense. And I'm not just saying that because of his pick 6. Giants have two big CBs (3 if you include Thomas) to play those bigger outside WRs in the league, but have nobody obvious to play the smaller, quicker slot receivers in nickle packages. Hosely has great CB skills, cover skills and instincts. He has outstanding ball skills, speed and toughness. The reason he slipped to the 3rd round in the draft is because he is a bit on the small side. But if he's covering insider where the smaller WRs roam, he will be a good fit for Fewell's system.
Hosely made a fabulous play on his INT. He was lined up on the right side of the defense at the line of scrimmage right on top of the WR. He had to back pedal, change directions and cut across the field trailing the WR on his crossing route, had to avoid a Jets WR, Patrick Turner, who was standing in the middle of the field in his way setting a legal "natural pick". He did that successfully and immediately turned on the burners to use his impressive closing speed. Sanchez threw the ball about a foot behind the WR and Hosely, who never stopped pumping his legs to catch up to the intended WR reached out, plucked the ball out of the air and went all the way with it. I know it's only one play, but he might be a real great addition to the Giants DB-field this year.

The Giants DL looked dominant, but we can't get too excited about that, because in truth the Jets don't have a lot of talent on offense and seem to be struggling in the OL. The impressive thing to me is how smooth JPP looked. Last year he made his hay by relying on his instincts, power and quickness. This past Saturday night, he used some real technique on his sacks, by getting the RT to lean one way and just pushing by him on a strong inside move. If he actually develops some sophisticate football moves like most "normal" DEs, he will be completely unblockable.

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