Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Roster rumors - odds and ends

Is there any truth to the rumor that Barden was just being showcased against the Bears for a possible trade? I don't think so - Giants don't usually do that kind of stuff, but who knows. If a decent CB became available in a trade, with the depth that the Giants have at the WR position, maybe they would risk it.

Ojoma came out of nowhere at DE and had a great preseason. He beat out Tracy in performance on the field for a 4th DE spot; let's see if he sticks on the roster.

Giants had two guys dressed wearing number 33 against the Bears. One was RB Da'rel Scott and the other was a DB named Hughes. You might recall some confusion from the announcers when Scott blocked the punt near the end of the first half leading to Giants second TD. They couldn't figure out who blocked the kick. Especially when Jones, who wears the similar number 53 recovered the kick. I guess it's preseason for the announcers also.

Carr did not look very good at all in the 2nd half. Maybe it's because he's not playing with the starters, but I didn't like his passing. His throwing motion looks a little jerky, i.e. not smooth. He seems to have a little hitch in his motion and he does not come right over the top, he short arms the ball from his shoulders, not from the ear hole in his helmet.

Didn't look to me like there were any useful players released from other teams in those first 15 cuts  yesterday. The mad scramble for talent happens when those last 22 guys are cut and the rosters have to go down from 75 to 53. Giants may be at a disadvantage, since their first game is on Wednesday night and there is unlikely to be enough time to get someone ready for game action in just those few days. Giants lose 4 days of preparation between Wednesday and Sunday, when the rest of the league starts.

With the apparent increased emphasis on rookies (5 rookie QBs won starting jobs) there may be some valuable veteran talent at other positions that comes available. Can't believe that the trend for rookies is only at the QB position. I think this may be influenced by the recent CBA with its rookie wage scale. Now rookies are MUCH less expensive than veterans, both in actual cash spent as well as in salary cap effect.

Jets made a great trade - Hunter for Jason Smith of the Rams. I know Smith has been a disappointment since he was drafted 2nd overall in the 2009 draft. But a big part of his failed development has been because of injury. He obviously has some talent and maybe he will rediscover it. It's certainly worth a gamble for the Jets and is a trade that could have big upside.

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