Friday, August 31, 2012

Roster cut down day

Highlights:  UPDATED 2:40PM (see below)

Marcus Thomas and Broha were cut from the DL, neither a big surprise.

It appears that Ojomo has made the roster at DE. It probably means that Adrien Tracy, who looked so good in preseason before he got hurt, might get cut. I would think he will be picked up by some other team. Everyone would love to have an extra pass rusher and there's certainly no disgrace in being a DE cut from the Giants.

Still curious what maneuvering Giants will do at DT. Very crowded position complicated by some injuries.

The big news - Greg Jones has been cut. He was starting MLB last year, got moved to the outside with the ascension of Herzlich. I guess Giants decided that 7 was the right number of LBs and the last two LBs were Jones and Paysinger - Paysinger is a better ST player than Jones. My guess is he will be picked up by some team - lots of teams would like an athletic, young, fast, improving LB on their roster. It made sense to cut Jones - Herzlich is the MLB of the future and Giants have several LBs on the outside who are better than Jones and whom Jones would probably never be able to pass on the depth chart. Boley, Rivers, Williams, Kiwanuka and even Paysinger are all just flat better athletes than Jones.

Since Giants are carrying only 7 LBs, they may carry 9 OL-men. Cordle is a decent backup C and with Boothe entering the starting lineup at G, he's no longer available to be the primary backup at C.

At RB, I still think there's a chance that DJ Ware will be a surprise cut and the Giants will end up keeping both Brown and Scott behind the two lead RBs - Bradshaw and Wilson.

Stay tuned.

Updated: 11:05AM
Sixth-round offensive tackle Matt McCants was cut and Giants may want to get him on the practice squad.

At WR: Isaiah Stanback, Dan DePalma and David Douglas will be cut, which means that Hixon has saved his roster spot at WR if the Giants go with 6 WRs.

Also cut: DE Massau, DE Marshall, TE Donnell, none of whom were given a serious chance at making the roster.

Still no news on the RBs and DTs.

Also interesting to see what happens when Sash comes off suspension and when Canty comes off PUP. Giants may take advantage of the short term IR list which will cause another midseason shuffle.

Updated: 2:40PM
First move in the DT area: Dwayne Hendricks was cut. I am really surprised by this move. Hendricks showed a lot in the preseason games, did well in practice and was called out for praise by Coughlin who loved his non-stop motor. I think he showed enough that some other team might pick him up, but we'll see.

CB Bruce Johnson got put on IR with a bad shoulder. Giants must really like him to keep him around instead of waiving him. This will be the third straight year he's been IR'ed: two knees and a shoulder.

Tyler Sash is suspended so he does not count against the final 53 .... for 4 weeks.

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