Wednesday, August 8, 2012

More camp chatter

I keep hearing that the young CBs are having great camps. Jayron Hosley, the 3rd round draft choice is looking particularly strong and may even be pushing Amukamara and challenging for the starting spot. Michael Coe is playing well and Bruce Johnson seems to have recovered from his injuries and is playing solid. Add in veteran Molden and the Giants have great depth at CB. The one challenge will be finding someone to play the slot receiver when the Giants are in nickel coverage. Hosley has no experience doing that, so he may start on the outside, just because Amukamara can do a better job on the slot receiver. We could see Antrel Rolle filling that position again, which is not bad, because he's not the best S in the league, his own self evaluation notwithstanding. Tyler Sash and Will Hill will get some playing time at S if they play well enough to make the team (Sash seems like a lock but Hill is still a maybe)  and the Giants may yet bring back Deon Grant for some extra depth at that position.

Herzlich and Blackburn are close for the starting MLB position - Herzlich is playing really well this summer.  I want to see him win the job because he is so much more athletic and therefore IMO, fits better in the pass dominated NFL.

If you look at the bad injuries the Giants had last year and the depth that they have filled in this year, the Giants could have a better defense than what they showed even in the last 6 games of the season. The change from the first 14 games to the last 6 was stunning. In the first 14, Giants allowed an average of about 25 points per game. But from the Jets game on, they allowed an average of only 14 points per game over those last 6 games. And - they played 2 of the 3 best offense in the league, Green Bay and New England, avoiding only the Saints in their Super Bowl run.

I am very anxious to see the performance of the players at the contested positions. I want to see the RBs, the LBs, the OL and the WRs. I am also anxious to see Marvin Austin at DT. Giants coaches are really high on him and with Canty likely to miss some time at the beginning of the season, his presence should be important.

At WR, I am not sure who will make the team. If WRs can play ST, you can carry a few more. Nicks, Cruz, Jernigan and Randle are locks to make the team. Hixon is almost certain to make the team. After that, Barden, Douglas and DePalma may be battling for that 6th WR spot, if indeed they do carry 6 WRs. Julian Talley and some other lesser known players may have a chance to make the team if they can be ST contributors, but the Giants may end up cutting a player from that group that shows up on another NFL roster.

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