Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Roster competition

The competition at WR is really interesting. Randle made a great cacth on a 50 yard pass thrown by Carr against the Jets. In that game, Jernigan made a few catches and looked quick and dangerous after the catch. Hixon made a great catch on Revis to convert a 3rd down. Barden dropped one catchable ball (Cormartie held him, but he could have caught it anyway). He also did not get open against Revis later in the game. It's looking to me like Randle and Jernigan are definitely going to get some playing time this year. Hixon probably will make the team also, his experience, reliability and knowledge of the offense tipping the scales in his favor. If the Giants carry 6 WRs, will they really carry Barden? How often does a 6th WR get into the game on offense..... answer - not very often. Consequently, you want someone in that slot who can play ST and Stanback might fit the bill. Truth is, other receivers have done well in camp, so Stanback might not grab it - Brandon Collins has played well also. My point is that, while he is most athletically gifted and was the highest draft choice - Barden might not be a lock to make the team.

At RB, I thought Ware might be on the bubble, but he has played so well in the games and so well in camp, that he is probably going to make the team. Bradshaw and Wilson are locks to make the team, so unless the Giants carry 5 RBs, there will be a battle for that 4th RB position between Andre Brown and Da'Rel Scott. I think Brown may get the nod because he is more physical than all the other RBs and Scott is too similar to Wilson in style to carry. he has been hurt and has missed practice time which also hurts,e ven though the coaches love his straight line speed.
How many DTs do the Giants carry this year? If they are limited to only 4, you can assume it will be Canty, Linval Joseph, Bernard and Austin. But Hendricks has looked great and Kuhn who was drafted this year, also has impressed the coaches. Canty may be on PUP first part of the year, so they will get to carry a different player in his place. But still ... is it 4 DTs or 5? If Hendricks or Kuhn get cut, and one of them surely will, my guess is they get picked up by some other team.
More on the rosters battles and numbers game later in the week.

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