Monday, August 27, 2012

Roster predictions

One man's humble opinion of the final 53 man roster, with 10 days to go before the season starts:
(Note: I wrote this post before the weekend and updated it today.)

QB (2):  Eli, Carr.
Isn't it funny how the entire world refers to the Giants QB as "Eli". Not Manning. Not Eli Manning. Just Eli. Is the Patriots QB referred to as "Tom" or the Saints QB referred to as "Brees"? Even Eli's brother is usually referred to by his full name as Peyton Manning. It's curious. Also completely irrelevant.

RB (4) Bradshaw, Wilson, Ware, Scott. Out: Andre Brown.
It's a close call between Brown and Scott, and because Scott's skills and style are similar to Wilson's and Bradshaw's, I thought that Giants may keep Andre Brown to have that physical presence in the backfield now that Jacobs has gone to SF. However, Brown did not look great in this last preseason game, while Scott made a few good runs and was a factor on ST, making the blocked punt. As stupid as it sounds, the 1 short yardage carry that Hynoski made picking up the first down against the Jets, might influence the Giants to use him in short yardage occasionally and therefore think that they can do without Brown. I may be overthinking this

FB (1): Hynoski. Out: Martinek.
Martinek has looked good and might get picked up by another team, but is more likely a practice squad candidate.

TE (3): Bennet, Pascoe, Robinson.  PUP: Beckum
Not a lot of competition here beyond these three.

WR (6): Nicks, Cruuuuuz, Jernigan, Randle, Hixon, Barden. Out: Stanback, DePalma, Douglas, Talley.
Tough call to get rid of Barden who has a lot of physical skills and he acquitted himself while in the game against the Bears. In fact he looked great. Stanback is a superior ST player and that's what you're lookign for in your 5th and 6th WR, which is why he's still hanging around. I hear that Hixon has had a solid but unspectacular camp. Maybe it's a battle between Stanback and Hixon for that last WR slot. Brandon Collins has also looked good, but Stanback is a 5 year veteran and in not practice squald eligible, while Collins is. UPDATE: Collins was in the cuts today to get down to 75.

OL (8): Beatty, Boothe, Baas, Snee, Diehl, Locklear, Petrus, Brewer. Out: McCants, Cordle, White, Moesley and some others.
McCants makes it to the practice squad. Petrus pass blocking has not improved, which is unfortunate, but he has good skills as run blocker. This is the weak spot on the team, perhaps Giants carry a 9th OL-man and cut someone from another unit. Giants could go into the season with only 3 DEs, knowing that Kiwanuka is a wild card who can take some snaps at that position. That would give them the flexibility to carry an extra OL-man.

DE (4): JPP, Tuck, Osi, Ojoma. Out: Tracy, Marshall, Broha.
Tracy has shown enough early to make the team, but his injuries have made him vulnerable. Ojoma has played well and I think he will sneak his way onto the team ahead of Tracy. If Giants go with only 3 DEs, this discussion is moot.

DT (4): Joseph, Bernard, Austin, Kuhn. Out: Canty(PUP), Powell, Thomas, Rogers.
Very tough call here with all the good players at this position. With Tuck available to move inside on passing downs and Kiwanuka available to take his slot at DE, the front 7 is somewhat fluid. When Canty comes off PUP, Giants need to make another roster decision, but it can be delayed until the coaches see game performance. If Austin makes the team, I don't see how they can carry Rogers and go into the season with 2 DTs with questionable availability. If one of them makes a miraculaous recovery, could change things.

LB (8): Boley, Kiwanuka, Blackburn, Rivers, Herzlich, Williams, Jones, Paysinger.
Lots of talent at this position.

CB (6): Amukamara, Webster, Hosely, Thomas, Tryon, Coe. Out: Molden, Bing.
If Thomas were not injured, the Giants might go with 5 CBs, especially with the knowledge that Rolle and even Will Hill can help out at the nickel. Little known DB Stevie Brown has looked good on ST, but I don't know if there's room for him on this roster.

S (4): Rolle, Phillips, Sash, Hill
Sash is suspended for first 4 games of the season, giving the Giants some roster flexibility. They may carry an extra CB with Molden and Coe being likeliest candidates.

ST (3): Tynes, Weatherford, DeOssie

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