Saturday, September 24, 2011

And now for something completely different....

Rules of war: when your enemy is faster than you, you try to outmuscle him. When your opponent is bigger than you, try to be faster and quicker. However when your opponent is faster than you and your size advantage is mitigated because you are injured and are fighting with diminished speed, try SURPRISE.

The Eagles defense is built for speed, does not have good LBs and is at or near the bottom of the league in run defense. So the game plan seems obvious - Giants have to try to outmuscle them and run the ball at them. However, when your number 2 and number 3 WRs are both gone, Hixon because he's out for the season with torn ACL and Manningham because he hasn't recovered from his concussion, the Eagles do not have to worry much about a threat on the outside. They can load the box with 8 guys to take away the Giants running game and still have enough speed to take away any deep threat from the Giants diminished passing game.

What to do? Try SURPRISE. Giants need to go big at the line of scrimmage, using an extra OL-man, because the Eagles will not respect the passing game anyway. They will leave a LB on the TE and the LB will also have responsibility for the RB out of the backfield. Giants need to attack the LBs and throw to Beckum up the seam and to RBs deep as well.

But that's not the big surprise, that's more football 101. Here's the big surprise: this is the week for the Giants to go with a few wildcat looks. Nobody has ever seen it from an offense with a Manning in it. The advantage it has is that when the QB runs the ball himself out of the wildcat, there is an extra blocker available from the backfield. In classic offense, once the QB give the ball to the RB, he is out of the play. However, if you're running two RBs in the backfield and the QB runs, that extra body counteracts the extra S that the Eagles will bring up to the line of scrimmage. I am not saying Giants should do it all the time and I am not saying they should continue to be a wildcat team once Manningham gets back into the lineup. But it could be a useful look this week when you get a team against whom you want to power run the ball.

Think the OC Killdrive will come up with this?

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