Thursday, September 15, 2011

What needs to improve

The OL has talent, I am confident in that. But they made lots of mental mistakes and missed assignments in the game against the Redskins. Particularly up the middle, where Diehl and Baas were supposed to protect Eli, there were several leaks and missed switches on blitz pickups. I am confident that they can work this out because they have talent. But it could be a few weeks before it happens. Everyone talks about protecting the QB's blind side, but the fact is, a strong pass rush right up the middle ruins your offense more than an occasional hit by a rushing DE.

Find a WR, is what I was whining about in the last post.It looks like the Giants are following my blog because they went out and signed Brandon Stokely. He is quick and is perfectly built fo the slot, where he has played his entire career.

More man-to-man less zone in the DB-field; especially when the down and distance calls for it.

I am tired of Giants coaches blaming the players for on-field mistakes. Players will occasionally miss assignments and make mistakes. My problem is that coaches are responsible for teaching the players the offense and defensive schemes. If players don't get it, then the coaches are not getting through to them, i.e not coaching effectively.

One more thing about Coughlin: he has a reputation as being a disciplinarian and a coach who instructs his players to keep their heads and always be professional, both on the practice field as well as during the game. If that is his coaching style,  how can he constantly lose his cool and act unprofessionally himself on the sideline - he regularly goes crazy over every blown play. If you yell at the players for every mistake, it is as if your not yelling at all. He's got to calm down and find a better way to communicate and connect with his team.

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