Friday, September 23, 2011

More on Eagles

Giants pass defense has given up 300+ yards in both of the first two games; they have to play better. (Really insightful analysis, don't you think?) So far, the pattern looks the same as last year: when the pass rush is there, the defense looks great. When they can't pressure the QB and the Giants sit in a zone, there is too much room to throw. Last week Ross was toasted whether it was man coverage or zone, so he has to tighten up his game. He has some ability and played well in preseason, so I'm not giving up on him. We are all miserable about the loss of Terrel Thomas, the starting CB, but also a killer was the fact that the Giants lost two other CBs: Bruce Johnson who was a valuable substitute last year and Witherspoon, who had great speed and showed some talent in the preseason. Michael Coe was really on the bubble in training camp as to even making the team. If he made the roster, it would be as a ST player and not in the regular DB rotation. Not only did he make the team, but with all the injuries he was the first guy off the bench to replace Ross. Furthermore, when the Giants go to their nickel or dime packages, they bring in an extra S, not CB. The hope here is that Amukamara comes back soon and really contributes.

Vick practiced fully Thursday and passed his neurological / brain / concussion test. Although with Vick, I'm not sure how anyone can tell. I mean, no offense intended, but Michael is not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. If the baseline test for concussion effects includes cognitive skills, well.... you figure it out.

Giants need to keep Vick in the pocket and confuse him with blitzes and a good pass rush. Sounds like the prescription for every QB really, but keeping him from leaking out of the pocket is of course more important with someone like Vick who runs like a greyhound.

If Manningham can't play, and it's looking more likely that he won't, because he didn't practice Thursday, Giants need to replace him with more than just a warm body. They need to find someone with some speed, which is what Manningham brings to the table. Presumably, Stokley will have a slightly bigger package and role in the offense, but he is not a pure speed guy. I would not mind seeing Devin Thomas on the field and perhaps Jernigan, if the Giants activate him. I also would love to see Da'rel Scott get some reps, he might be the fastest guy on the team and is certainly the fastest RB. Put in a package for him, get him on the field with some new plays. How about dropping a TE back for extra blocking or blitz pickup and sending him up the seam from his RB position.

Giants need to find a way to attack the Eagles LBs, which is the weakest part of the defense. Usually this means a TE or a package of throws to RBs in the middle of the field. This also plays into my Da'rel Scott "scenario". Beckum seems ready to come back this week - maybe he gets a chance to pick on the Eagle LBs also.

Antrel Rolle plays S for the Giants, but talks like he's playing for the Jets. Didn't he get the Coughlin tee-shirt: "Shut up and play the game" ?? If he was as talented as he thinks he is and was not giving up deep balls behind him all the time, I might be able to tolerate his yapping a bit more. Unless he really picks up his game, this will go down as a really mediocre FA signing by Reese.

Kenny Phillips is starting to make some plays at S. He hasn't made any INTs, but he is breaking up some pass plays, giving help on his side of the field and is coming up in the running game on occasion. He's still not back to where he was in his rookie year, but he's warming up.

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