Thursday, September 1, 2011

Competition for jobs

Ramses Barden was placed on PUP list, meaning he's on the shelf for at least the first 6 games.

Adam Koets was also PUP'ed.

I sure hope Herzlich makes the team - he's a potential starting LB. Giants seem to have some good young talent at LB. Dillard, last year's 4th round pick may get cut. The Giants seem high on Greg Jones from MSU and Paysinger is getting a long look at LB. He's an undrafted RFA and seems like a 'tweener - doesn't look big enough to play LB and a little too slow for S. When Kiwanuka went down with (minor) groin tweak against the Jets, Sintim came in and actually played well.

Life in the NFL is so tenuous. Cruz was being pumped up and primed for the 3rd WR on the team and was given the important job of gunner on punt coverage. But if he doesn't show a little more capability, a little more productivity, not only might he lose the 3rd WR spot, he might not even make the team.

My guess is that Carr makes it as backup QB.

Hynoski was the only true FB on the roster and so seemed a lock to make the team. But he has been really mediocre in preseason, at least in my view. He's big and rugged, but seems to be slow to get to the holes and lead the runner. Seems like opposing LBs are beating him to the spot and even if he engages the LB, he is doing so in the Giants backfield, instead of running downhill and hitting them on the other side of the line of scrimmage. It's really important for the FB to get out there in good shape, because he is often blocking right at the point of attack. He hasn't really shown enough to take Pascoe's job.

The RB situation is confusing - how many do you carry? Do you keep five? After Jacobs and Bradshaw, there are Da'rel Scott, Andre Brown and DJ Ware. While Ware seems to be next on the depth chart, he also could garner more in a trade. If they think that one of the other two are close to being productive, Ware may get traded. Otherwise, I see Scott as making the practice squad, but all three seem to be on the bubble and are all competing for spots.

Jernigan has not shown much, but as a 3rd round pick, he will not get cut. Giants had hopes that he would be a threat, a weapon to spice up the offense, but he hasn't shown much.

Manningham has a ton of talent but has to be more productive, a better play maker and more of a deep threat. I am not saying he is in danger of losing his job, but he will not be a long term pro unless he improves.

At DT, it's hard to read who the backups will be. I was hopeful that Marvin Austin would be a player, but we will have to wait until next year to see what he's got. Joseph looks like an absolute stud to me. He's huge and very quick. Canty also looks great. The substitutes behind them - Bernard, Kennedy or whomever. Doesn't matter that much because the Giants cycle their DEs into DT in pass rush situations. The depth at DE is more important, where Giants are pretty deep.

Ballard has looked better at TE than I thought he would. Coats hardly played against the Jets. Beckum has to be a threat at TE. He finally needs to step up.

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