Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eagles game review II

Some more nuggets from the win against Eagles on Sunday....

Aaron Ross had a very nice game on Sunday with the 2 INTs, knock down of several other passes and some good tackling.

Before we get too pumped up about the game, let's talk about the things that could be improved on: Giants DBs missed a bunch of tackles in the running game which gave McCoy some of his yardage. McCoy ran for 127 but there were not often huge gashes in the Giants DL. He made a lot of his yards like he was returning a punt - make the first guy miss, break a tackle and then run.

BTW - McCoy is a great runner, may be the most dangerous player on the Eagles.

Kenny Phillips is continuing to play better and better.  I won't say that his INT was an easy pick, but he could have called for a fair catch.

Giants offense, even though it was unproductive in the middle two quarters has the following batting average for Sunday: Not including the kneel down at the end of the game, Giants offense had 9 possessions, 4 TDs, 4 punts, no INTs or fumbles and 1 loss of the ball on downs (thanks to bonehead play by Beckum). That's a great conversion percentage and we can take that all year long.

Before we get too excited about offensive production, let's remember it was against the Eagles defense. Let me be the first to assert here; Eagles defense is AWFUL. They have terrible LBs, terrible safeties, an undersized DL that can be run against and very weak defensive coaching. That's not the recipe for a dream team Superbowl. The GM built this team like it was a fantasy league team - concentrating only on skill position players and forgetting about the OL and the front 7 on defense.

I think the Eagles are by far the most overrated team in football and would not be surprised if they have a disappointing season.

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