Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Rams game review

Well at least it was a win. The offense actually showed a little bit as the game wore on and while it is far from cohesive now, it showed some signs. Giants have to find better blocking in the running game; the TEs are terrible. I think the Giants recognize this because they had an extra OL-man in the game quite often in situations that were not short yardage.

Eli missed a lot of opportunities, underthrowing Mannigham when he beat the safeties on a deep post down the middle and making a bad play on the INT. On that play, Mannigham was wide open and Eli should have either thrown it earlier before the S could break over or thrown it much deeper with more air under it so that Mannigham could run under it. In either case, the S would not have been able to make a play on the ball. He had a couple of other bad throws, but then found his rhythm and played well.

Bradshaw is running well and I think Jacobs is running very well. They would be doing a lot better if the TEs could actually block somebody. They have been awful.

I love the progress of the young LBs. Greg Jones looks like a player and Williams does as well. I still say the Giants should move Kiwanuka back to his natural DE position and play Jones, Williams and Boley. This would give Herzlich some reps also. Kiwanuka has been playing fairly well at LB and the DL has been excellent against the run. What is killing the defense is the DB-field. The Giants DBs seemnot to know how to play a zone. They give too much cushion and don't move enough to pick up the WR coming into their area. They seem to get to their spots and play the QBs eyes. That's not how you do it. When a CB trails a WR down the sideline and passes him off to a S expecting deep help, the window is open way too wide before the S comes over to give the help. When they play man coverage, they seem to do a little better in terms of fewer blown assignments, but Ross was getting toasted all over the place on Monday night. The hope for the season to not completely unravel is for the Giants to hang on until Osi comes back, hope that Amukamara has a short learning curve and that both can bring some help to the defense.

Phillips has been playing well at S, but Rolle and Grant have been spotty.

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