Friday, September 2, 2011

Patriots game

This was Giants substitutes all the way, so you're not going to take much from this game about the prospects of the team for the regular season, but we can look at some interesting points.

The log jam at RB and LB is very interesting and some good prospects/athletes may not make the team. Da'rel Scott just looks like a football player to me. He has speed, decent size, balance, vision and a knowledge of how to use angles and running lanes to get the most out of every run. Even on that fake punt he ran in the game last night for a TD - he blew past the WR waiting to return the punt like the guy was standing still. It was partly his great speed and partly the angle he took running away from the WR. Same thing on his 97 yard TD run against the Bears - he showed great balance by not falling down when first hit in the backfield, a good change of direction to find the hole and (here's the part I like the best) when he got into the open field, rather than getting caught from behind in the foot race part of the run, he actually opened up the gap between him and the S, who are usually the fastest guys on the team.

Andre Brown looked very good last night also and is more of a power runner with some speed. If the Giants carry 5 RBs, than after Bradshaw and Jacobs, Da'rel Scott and Andre Brown will both make the team. It will be a shame if one of them has to get cut. IT would be interesting (bold/risky) to keep both and cut DJ Ware, depending on the numbers elsewhere on the roster.

At LB, the Giants seem to have a lot of good young athletes and here too, there are tough decisions to be made. Behind starters Goff, Kiwanuka and Bolley, there are tough decisions to be made. Greg Jones drafted this year looks athletic as does Paysinger and Jacquian Williams. Adrian Tracy is on the bubble as is Herzlich. Dillard, drafted last year has not looked great and he may be on the bubble also.

The DT situation is also hard to read. After the starters, I thought they all played well last night when they got their chance against the Patriots and it will be a numbers game there. The DTs may get squeezed because they can't play ST and you don't carry extra players there.

I think the Giants will keep Matt Dodge as the punter, even though that means they have to find another holder for the kicker.  He kicked a little better than Weatherford in the last game and he made one play that will give the Giants confidence that the game has slowed down for him. On one punt in the 4th qtr, the snap was bad and was sailing over his head. He jumped as high as he could and with outstretched arms, caught the ball, calmly landed and got a solid punt away. His directional kicking seems to be better than it was last year and he still has a huge leg.

The WR position is really difficult as well. Reynaud and Watkins will be cut but after that it really depends on how many WR the Giants keep. I keep saying that, but the decisions made for one unit has impact on others. At WR, after starters Nicks and Manningham, Giants should keep Hixon, Thomas and Jernigan. Cruz will probably make the team, but he hasn't showed me enough and I would put both him and Micahel Clayton on the bubble.

TE is another tough call along with the FB position. Ballard and Beckum make the team, but Hynoski and Pascoe both have had weak camps. You could keep them both because Pascor can play both TE and FB, but I would not at all be surprised if the Giants pick up a TE or FB that gets cut from another team.

I didn't see enough of the backup CBs to make an intelligent judgment. Coe played reasonably well as did Williams, the recent signee. With Rolle slated to play some CB in the slot, at least until Amukamara comes back, Giants may carry one less CB.

The Giants have a lot of good athletes, but do they have enough stars and play makers on offense to be mroe than an average team?

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